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According to estimates by the Spanish Federation of Professional Automotive Entrepreneurs (CONEPA), the after-sales business in Spain is estimated at €12.3 billion, 21 % more than the turnover in 2020.

The after-sales network in Spain is made up of 44,000 garages or workshops. Achieving a standardised, uniform, quality and efficient customer service is one of the main challenges faced by car manufacturers, which is why they dedicate enormous efforts to this area. However, with such a large number of garages, whether single or multi-brand, control over the manufacturers’ after-sales service is complex and not always satisfactory.

A car is the second most important investment a person can make after their home, and with an average estimated useful life of 14 years in Spain, the relationship with workshops is not only long-term, but also critical for measuring the degree of customer satisfaction with the vehicle manufacturer. Standardising an after-sales service entails a great deal of effort when it comes to training customer service staff. Or at least it used to. That was until the advent of digital humans. Minimum effort, maximum benefits.

Manuel coche


Meet Manuel. The virtual advisor for a major car manufacturer’s after-sales service. Manuel can talk to his customers in four different languages, cross-check customer and vehicle data in the database and make changes to it if necessary. Manuel is trained to locate the most suitable garage for the customer, book the appointment, notify the customer’s regular advisor of their arrival and offer and manage the garage’s full range of after-sales services, for instance the collection and delivery of the car to the customer’s home or providing a replacement vehicle. And he can transfer you over to a real agent whenever you want.


Availability 24/7

He works in 4 languages

Integration of a single schedule with the different garages

Customer service as an omnichannel

Simplification of the appointment management process