Artificial Intelligence at the service of users

Personalised humans embody the personality, voice and the nature of your brand.

It only takes a few minutes to choose the appearance, tone of voice, clothing, language and all other features you may need to represent your business in a virtual environment.

A tailor-made brand ambassador

We build relationships

The digital humans at Wehumans are the digital embodiment of your brand values. A tailor-made design for your company and a vast range of functionalities to ensure that every customer feels valued and unique. Anytime, anywhere.


At Wehumans, our digital humans are programmed to help you sell. They can help you generate new leads for your customer database quickly and simply, or transfer the user to a physical agent if the interaction must be completed by phone.

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Payment gateways, calendar reservations, presentations and content scraping are just some of the functionalities we are constantly working on to assist your team and customers in their day-to-day.

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The digital embodiment of your brand’s values. A tailor-made design for you with a range of functionalities from customer service to quality assessments and many more, so that every customer feels valued and unique.

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Patient care, primary care, the shortage of doctors and healthcare workers…The challenges facing both public and private healthcare are mounting up. The future of healthcare lies in the implementation of Artificial Intelligence, ensuring that this is done in the most human way possible. Whether they are used for tracking epidemics, disease screening, patient monitoring, organising complex appointments, or at information points in healthcare facilities, our digital humans are training to provide your users with the best support. Find out more about how our digital humans interact in the field of healthcare.


According to the 2022 E-commerce Study drawn up by IAB Spain, 78 % of internet users in Spain now shop online (2 % more than in 2021), and Spain is the ninth country to bring the most traffic to E-commerce sites according to a study by Semrush. With such high amounts of traffic, few companies are capable of attending to their users as they would like to, let alone expanding their teams to keep up with the increasing interactions they are having with their customers. This is where digital humans come in to meet this growing need. Discover how.

Automotive industry

The global market for car repair and maintenance services is on the rise. According to the report titled “Automotive Repair and Maintenance Services – Global Market Trajectory & Analytics” drawn up by Global Industry Analysts, this market, which was estimated at €460 billion in 2020, is expected to grow at a yearly rate of 3.1 %, reaching almost €560 billion by 2026. Good customer service, speed and the quality of the service provided are the main factors for measuring customer satisfaction at a car repair garage. And our digital humans are capable of fulfilling those expectations.


Insurance, car rental, telecommunications or energy companies are finding it increasingly difficult to reach new potential users and attract their attention. People have become increasingly weary when it comes to receiving cold calls, which almost always happen at the most inconvenient times. This, coupled with insufficient agent training, makes trying to sell your products by phone an almost impossible feat. Our generation of digital humans guarantees successful lead generation.
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3D Humans

Over 50 avatars trained using a powerful Artificial Intelligence and with predefined personalities for carrying out a multitude of tasks in physical and digital environments.

Clon Digital_Jorge

Digital Clones

An identical replica of you in three dimensions. Our technology combines voice recognition, speech synthesis, facial recognition and 3D animation to generate an exact replica of a real person.

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