A new era in business communication

By 2025, Artificial Intelligence will power 95 % of digital interactions with customers. Meanwhile, 85 % of users claim to prefer to speak to a person than to interact with a machine. In an increasingly digital world, Wehumans is marking a new era of customer experience. The most human future for digital technology.

Our digital humans are able to understand, chat, move and express themselves like real-life people. They see, hear and understand. They never forget what they have learned and they can speak any language with any accent. They have all the answers and can attend to thousands of users at once. Tireless and effective.

With chatbots and forms becoming something of the past, digital humans have come on the scene to make every interaction you have with your customers unique. With the addition of these digital humans, you can maintain your brand voice on any channel, increasing engagement with your target audience and considerably reducing the use of resources, in other words, saving both time and money.

Technology that connects people and brands

Artificial Intelligence has become both the present and the future for any company or organisation looking to stand out in the market. Digital humans exist thanks to a powerful AI-automated platform that makes them capable of gesticulating, maintaining eye contact, emulating empathy with their surroundings and even joking.

Thanks to Natural Language Processing (NLP for short), the digital humans created by Wehumans understand and generate knowledge by using language and syntactic, semantic and pragmatic analysis. What’s more, our technology combines advanced 3D models with natural, AI-generated voices and a cognitive model to offer a 360-degree communication experience. By using auditory, textual and visual forms of communication, we are improving conversion funnel efficiency.

The digital humans created by Wehumans are hyper-realistic digital assistants that are capable of understanding and iterating through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms. They are capable of mimicking a real conversation and can be programmed to perform a wide variety of tasks, adapting to the specific needs of your company.

And no two are the same.


3D Humans

The digital humans created by Wehumans are hyper-realistic avatars that have been trained using a powerful Artificial Intelligence that enables them to perform a multitude of tasks in digital environments. At Wehumans, we have over 50 different avatars, each with their own well-defined personality. Choose whichever is the best fit for your brand.

Some of their functionalities include customer service, lead generation, online training, quality control and data verification. You can interact with them using a mobile phone, computer, tablet or even on a DOOH screen in your city’s tourist information office.


Personalised Humans

The Personalised Humans can be designed completely to your taste. They have hyper-realistic features and can be personalised down to the very last detail. This includes facial features such as hair, eyes and mouth shape, other physical aspects such as ethnicity, clothing and height, and even traits like attitude, personality, language, accent and slang.

Digital humans help your company to create its own digital identity in line with your brand’s values.

Digital Clones

The Wehumans technology lets you create Digital Clones of your image and likeness. An identical replica of you in three dimensions. Our technology combines voice recognition, speech synthesis, facial recognition and 3D animation to generate an exact replica of a real person that can be used virtually, adapting in real time to different languages and with the ability to learn, move and simulate feelings.

With both the present and the future of communication being marked by the rise of the metaverse, Digital Clones are the most human form of connection in the Web3 era.

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