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Companies are losing their ability to convert and retain customers due to the overuse of forms and chatbots. At Wehumans, we develop technology aimed at improving your conversion rates, without taking the focus off customer experience. We offer a wide range of highly advanced functionalities that make up the intelligence of our digital humans.

In less than two months after receiving your company’s briefing, you will have a custom-built solution integrated into your own environment in the form of a simple widget. And what’s more, your digital human can continue to learn by storing any questions from users that it was unable to answer and, therefore, increase its knowledge base when a specialist team comes up with a solution.

The WESTART module contains everything necessary to provide a digital human with the most differentiating functions and skills. With this module, among other things, you can perform: voice recognition, open answers, multi-language, button shortcuts, presentation of multimedia files, and click to call.

The digital humans are trained to obtain qualified leads without losing their focus on providing human contact. All the data is stored in your environment and is directly integrated with your CRM or database. The WESTART module comes with everything you need to equip your digital human with the most distinctive skills and functions. Some of the feature of this module include: voice recognition, responses to open questions, multi-language, shortcuts with buttons, presentation of multimedia files and click-to-call.

The digital humans are trained to perform like the perfect PA, organising schedules and booking appointments. In an increasingly competitive world, every second counts, and so having the possibility of managing your customer appointments will result in greater engagement and customer satisfaction.

Digital humans are excellent online instructors. They are capable of following a syllabus, sharing learning material, answering questions and performing assessments.

Digital humans can take part in the purchase process, to the point of connecting to the payment gateway and completing the transaction.

The digital humans at Wehumans are able to receive all kinds of files from your customers, store them and categorise them.

Thanks to this feature, the digital humans created by Wehumans become the perfect interviewers as they are able to record the interactions in both audio and video format.

Knowing how satisfied your customers are right now and in real time can be decisive for the success of your business. With this functionality, you can quickly and easily program all kinds of surveys and turn your digital human into the perfect survey taker. But that is not all. When it comes to market research or the launch of a new product or service, etc., you’ll have the best testing ground for your business.


Manuel is a virtual advisor for a major car manufacturer’s after-sales service. He can talk to his customers in four different languages, cross-check data and make changes to it if necessary.


Blanca is a dedicated fashionista. Her passion for style and fashion make her the perfect virtual personal shopper.


This is Noa. She is a digital human in charge of tracking and analysing customers to ensure process compliance.


You have probably already met Pía, as she’s the official ambassador for Wehumans. She is in charge of answering any questions our customers may have.

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