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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Wehumans?

    Wehumans is the first Spanish company to specialise in the design, development and implementation of personalised digital humans using artificial intelligence to offer support to businesses and interact with the digital environment and the metaverse.

    What can digital humans bring to a company?

    The digital humans created by Wehumans help all kinds of companies, businesses and institutions to interact in a more human and efficient way in an effort to strengthen their bond with customers and users, stand out from the rest and gain a competitive advantage.

    What is behind Wehumans?

    Behind this revolutionary technology lies a platform that determines behaviour, equalisation and speech, so that conversation can flow naturally, just like in real life. In this way, Wehumans seeks to connect with the most human side of digital technology.

    What are digital humans?

    The digital humans at Wehumans are virtual assistants that have a hyper-realistic appearance and can understand what is being asked of them in 250 different languages, while being capable of responding to thousands of people at the same time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    What functionalities can digital humans bring to the table?

    They are equipped with the ability to learn, move and simulate feelings. They can be easily connected to another “brain” to share knowledge, whether that is a chatbot, a conversational platform, or even interacting with a human being who supervises their learning. This is because they are designed to be integrated with any knowledge database or natural language processing solutions. *** Please note. They are not an evolved chatbot, nor are they a personal voice assistant with a “face”.

    What is the technology behind digital humans?

    The technology behind the digital humans at Wehumans combines advanced 3D models with natural voices generated using AI to offer a 360-degree auditory, textual and visual communication experience. The digital humans at Wehumans can work in a multitude of different languages and speak in completely natural sounding voices, as well as bidirectionally transcribing conversations. Furthermore, they can be 100 % personalised in terms of their hair, facial features like eyes and mouth, and physical attributes like skin colour, ethnicity, clothing, height and physique. They can also be personalised when it comes to their attitude (cheerful, serious, friendly, etc.) and can even make jokes or show support through their actions, tone and body language. In short, digital humans can be described as: smart and emotional, gifted with the ability to learn, move and simulate feelings; memorable and eloquent, with well-defined personalities that help to personalise the user experience by creating interactions; 100 % personalised to embody the personality, voice and nature of your brand.

    How are digital humans developed?

    All digital humans are developed from scratch without any kind of predefined template and they will never be given a face that is the same as or similar to a well-known personality.

    Why use cognitive assistants when interacting with customers?

    According to a report by Emergen Research, users experience digital fatigue to the point that approximately 82 % prefer to speak to a person rather than fixing the problem through a chatbot. Wehumans has found a solution to this by creating digital humans that are capable of helping companies interact with their customers in a way that is more human and efficient. By using these cognitive assistants, companies are able to strengthen and personalise the bond they have with their users, which helps the stand out and become more competitive.

    What kind of responses do digital humans tend to give?

    The digital humans created by Wehumans can respond to a varied list of frequently asked questions through different means; they can guide a user through a complex process, whether this involves management, contracting or any other process organised into steps; they can combine multimedia communication, videos, photos and images in real time; they can give training sessions and perform omnichannel communications by combining calls, emails and SMS; and they can consult and collect data orally, in writing and even using images with a high degree of reliability. And in addition to this, they have potential market applications that are truly disruptive. In fact, a number of studies have revealed that digital humans may increase people’s willingness to share confidential information, give people a greater sense of ease in situations in which they may be required to admit to something negative, as well as reduce customers’ fears of external judgement.

    Do digital humans respect the privacy of users?

    One of the virtues of the digital humans created by Wehumans is that, because they are not actual human beings, they do not judge. They offer 100 % confidentiality and are available 24×7. This is of particular relevance when it comes to users who are experiencing problems due to a lack of knowledge and even in cases of illiteracy, in which users very often feel too ashamed to ask another person.

    What else can digital humans be used for apart from customer service?

    In addition to being an essential evolution from the chatbot for handling customer service, new work spaces have emerged for digital humans, such as mental health coaches, financial advisors, mortgage brokers, postoperative assistance for patients, and in the education sector as teachers, tutor and advisors.

    How long does it take to develop a digital human?

    Our solutions are customised and adapted to the specific circumstances of each company, which is why we first conduct a briefing to help us understand your business and its goals. We then develop the Digital Human and integrate it into the company’s environment. This entire process takes place over approximately eight weeks, although it will depend on the complexity of the task to be performed.

    How is a digital human created?

    While every case is unique and the creation of a digital human greatly depends on the needs to be fulfilled and the functionalities to be performed, we approach these projects on the basis of our very own methodology. We start by conducting an analysis to better understand the soul of the brand. The brand’s background and the image it wants to project are fundamental to finding out what the avatar will need to do and how it should go about this in order to help with the strategy. Once we have the results of this analysis, we’ll have the genetic code to create the digital human most suited to the brand, and we then input the intelligence. With our complete suite of integrations that undergoes continuous training, we come up with a digital human capable of bringing value to users, handling different matters, and ultimately being the best professional digital human possible.

    Meet Pía

    Pía is our digital ambassador and she is here to help you with any questions you may have, as well as keeping you up to date about all of our updates and latest news.

    Request a demo and Pía will help your company interact with your customers in a way that is more human and efficient. Our tool for creating digital humans lets you choose and design the appearance of your digital human, the language they will speak, their voice and any other features you need.

    Our team

    Wehumans is made up of a multidisciplinary team of experts in Artificial Intelligence, 3D design, digital marketing, programming and sales who have spent years developing the technology that offers advanced digital solutions for all kinds of companies and businesses.

    Our digital humans are the face of the company, however the soul of the company is made up of each and every one of those professionals who are leading the new era of humanised technology.