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The future is now.

Websites, chatbots, online forms, FAQs and all current self-service functionalities are still purely transactional rather than interactional. The demand for humanisation when it comes to purchasing products and services is both necessary and inevitable.

Businesses and institutions are faced with the increasing need to interact with their customers to sell their products, present their company, assist their students or accompany their patients. Something as simple as answering a question, asking how something went or charging for a service can be a memorable experience. Our digital humans have very well-defined personalities that help to personalise the user experience. They do not need to rest, they have infinite knowledge, they can speak any language in any accent and with any voice.

Wehumans has reinvented the user experience thanks to its digital humans, which are capable of practically any task in a digital environment and can be everywhere at the same time.

The technology behind it is complex, but our business is simple: we humanise digital products and services. We are the most human side of the digital revolution.






Days per year

Our humans


Manuel is a virtual advisor for a major car manufacturer’s after-sales service. He can talk to his customers in four different languages, cross-check data and make changes to it if necessary.


Blanca is a dedicated fashionista. Her passion for style and fashion make her the perfect virtual personal shopper.


This is Noa. She is a digital human in charge of tracking and analysing customers to ensure process compliance.


You have probably already met Pía, as she’s the official ambassador for Wehumans. She is in charge of answering any questions our customers may have.

Our history

The power of an idea

Wehumans was created to improve customer experience during digital communication with a company. Tired of interacting with chatbots and missing that emotional connection that was once felt between a business and its customers, Wehumans sought to revolutionise the world of digital support and replicate what makes us human.

With this idea and with the goal of finding a solution to the challenge that so many companies are facing when it comes to meeting the demands of an increasingly digitalised customer base—while being unable to expand their teams to keep up with the growing number of interactions their users require—Wehumans has invested in research and development of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to make that idea a reality.

More human tecnology

Personalisation and automation form the essence of a digital human. They are capable of embodying the personality, the voice and the nature of the brands they work for, as well as expressing emotions such as joy, empathy, warmth and kindness, and even making jokes or showing support through their actions, tone and body language.

At Wehumans, we provide solutions for digital support, advertising spots or training programmes, as well as many other roles, all carried out by our digital humans that have been designed to interact, present and handle any kind of service that can be customised to each company.


The idea behind Wehumans arose at the start of 2019 with the intention of developing digital humans that would be highly qualified and have a realistic appearance, as well as being capable of handling digital services through Artificial Intelligence.


We brought to life our first hyper-realistic model of a 3D Digital Human. The first one to resemble a real human being. And what’s more, it is highly qualified, capable of thinking, learning and communicating.


The first photorealistic digital clone with Artificial Intelligence was born with the ability to learn independently. A door to the metaverse had opened.


Abai, a leading company in customer relationship services, process outsourcing, omnichannel management with high-technological value, Back Office services, Text & Speech Analytics, Voice & Chatbot, RPA and Big Data, became the majority shareholder of Wehumans.


By 2025, Artificial Intelligence will power 95 % of digital interactions with customers. What was once unimaginable, has now become a reality.

Our team

Wehumans is made up of a multidisciplinary team of experts in Artificial Intelligence, 3D design, digital marketing, programming and sales who have spent years developing the technology that offers advanced digital solutions for all kinds of companies and businesses.

Our digital humans are the face of the company, however the soul of the company is made up of each and every one of those professionals who are leading the new era of humanised technology.


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