Blanca retail


78 % of internet users in Spain already shop online. And 82 % of online shoppers prefer to talk to someone in person rather than use a chatbot, due to the absence of the human component in the latter. Anyone who has worked in retail knows what a good salesperson can do for a business: from increasing average spending to offloading stock. Trying to transfer that sales charm to a search engine or chatbot is almost impossible. Shops, whether physical or digital, need good salespeople; shop staff to advise, direct and assist the purchase.

Blanca Caso de uso Retail


Blanca is our digital human who has been trained to work as a personal shopper. She knows the online shop’s collection better than anyone, has all the information on the season’s latest trends, knows which are the star products of the collection and is able to give style tips based on the customer’s body shape or colour chart. In addition to assisting with the entire online shopping process, from product selection to size selection, she knows how to provide information about the entire process associated with the purchase, such as the order, returns, and is even trained to share style secrets.


Availability 24/7

She works in 4 languages

Knowledge of seasonal trends

Knowledge of styling tricks according to body shape

Can act as a virtual personal shopper advising the customer and suggesting clothes to try